Hurricane Claims


There is always a possibility that you may have to file a claim after a hurricane passes.  Keep in mind that when it comes to claims, it is your responsibility to substantiate ownership and value of an item claimed.  To ensure a quick turn-around on your claim, it is best you prepare for that now.   Take the time to document your possessions/property prior to any storm.   The following suggestions are provided. 

1.      Gather your important papers to store in a waterproof container; include receipts for high value items you own. 

2.     If you recently made a household goods move to the area and still have a copy of your HHG descriptive inventory, include that document.  If you don’t have a recent and accurate inventory, make one. 

3.     Protect what you can.  Bag up expensive/valuable items like jewelry and photographs and store them in a safe place. 

4.     Photograph your home prior to the storm.  It’s easy and will not take long to walk through the home with your cell phone and take photographs: 


a.     Take a photograph of each room and garage;

b.     Then take photographs of individual items in each room. 

c.     Open closet doors and take a photo of the contents of that closet.  

d.     For high value items, take a photo of the item and the brand name tag. This will help you substantiate ownership and value of high value items when/if you don’t have a receipt. 


5.      Finally, don’t forget to photograph your vehicle.  If you have accessories that are not normally included with a vehicle, document those accessories in the photographs. 





1.  If you suffered loss or damage to your personal property due to a hurricane, you can file a claim if:


A.    The property was located on base or in your Government-assigned quarters when it was damaged.  Government-assigned quarters are defined as housing provided in kind by the Government.  PPV housing located within the perimeter of the installation is considered provided in kind by the Government if the occupant is active duty or a reservist on active duty.


B.     You are a proper claimant under the Personnel Claims Act.  A proper claimant is an active duty member, a reservist on active duty, or a civilian employee of the Department of the Navy or USMC.


2.  Claims packets for filing your claim with the Navy can be found online at   You will find claim forms under "Packets & Forms."  You may also obtain packages from the Office of the OJAG Personnel Claims Unit Norfolk (PCUN).  PCUN information:


            -The toll-free telephone number is (888) 897-8217, commercial (757) 440-6315

            -The fax number is (757) 440-3337

            -The email address is


3.  If you have private insurance covering your loss, you must make a demand against your private insurance carrier and include a copy of the insurance settlement and submit it with your claim package.  If the damages total an amount less than your deductible, you simply need to attach a current copy of your declaration page showing the deductible.  You can request an emergency advance in the amount of your insurance policy deductible.  You must provide a copy of the claim you filed with your private insurance carrier.


Questions? Claims Help-Line: (888) 897-8217

The help line is manned 0700-1800 EST.