Regional Brig

A photograph of the regional brig facility.

The Regional Brig is a Level-1 confinement facility which serves as a place of confinement for male pre-trial prisoners, and post-trial prisoners serving a sentence of up to one year. The Regional Brig ensures the safety, security, good order, and discipline of all prisoners, and provides core correctional programs which include: physical fitness training, recreation, individual and group counseling, work, incentive programs, life skills, and religious programming. Upon direction from Headquarters Marine Corps, PSL Corrections, the Brig staff will help facilitate the transport of post-trial prisoners exceeding sentence parameters to other Military Confinement Facilities.


    • Commanding Officer – CWO5 Scott F. Bolman

    • Brig Officer – MGySgt Raul D. Concepcion

    • Operations Chief – MSgt T. M. Johnson