MCIEAST Regional Brig

A photograph of the regional brig facility.



The MCI-East Regional Brig is a Level-1 confinement facility which serves as a place of confinement for both pre-trial and post-trial prisoners serving a sentence of up to one year. The Brig ensures the safety, security, good order, and discipline of all prisoners; while providing core correctional programs which include work, individual and group counseling, recreation, incentive programs, life skills, and religious services. Upon direction from HQMC Corrections, DC I&L, the Brig staff will help facilitate the transport of post-trial prisoners exceeding sentence parameters to other Military Confinement Facilities.



Commanding Officer:
Brig Officer:
Brig Supervisor:
Programs Chief:
Admin Chief:
Security Chief:
Training Chief:
Industries Chief:
   CWO3 Neuendorff, C. C.
MGySgt Kozminski, J. A.
MSgt Johnson, T. M.
MSgt Johnson, T. M.
MSgt Johnson, T. M. 
MSgt Ortiz, L. G.
SSgt Banda
GySgt Sieracki, C.

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