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Small Business Office


Marine Corps Installations East Small Business Programs provides businesses with fundamental information regarding: regulations, processes, and support organizations related to Department of Defense contracts.  This office also provides forecasts for upcoming requirements.  End state is to assist businesses in being eligible and as competitive as possible for Department of Defense contracts.


Marine Corps Installations East Small Business Programs embraces a culture of education, information sharing and networking.  This will support the critical role of small businesses in advancing our capabilities and strengthening the economy.


(1) Provide businesses with fundamental information regarding the regulations, processes and support organizations related to Department of Defense contracts.

 (2) Foster networking and information sharing to support small businesses.

 (3) Ensure small businesses socio-economic goals are met.


The Small Business Administration, Small business representatives, Government Contract Assistance Programs (GCAP)/Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTAC), Chambers of Commerce, Community Colleges, and the North Carolina Military Business Center all provide guidance and assistance to small businesses.  This robust small business network, when leveraged properly, gives small businesses the ability to eligible and as competitive as possible for Government contracts. 

The Doing Business with Marine Corps Installations East guide will give you detailed information on the above and other valuable information (Click here).


MCI East Regional Contracting Office posts sources sought, requests for information, and solicitation notices in the following Government Points of Entry: (Contract Opportunities) (GSA EBuy) (NASA SEWP for IT requirements only)

Long Range Forecast:  The Long Range Forecast provides businesses insight into what the Regional Contracting Office currently procures, and when those current procurements are going expire.  (click here).

For more information contact Mr. Chris Rabassi at (910) 450-5549 or