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Mission Statement

To contribute to Marine Corps war fighting excellence by: (1) providing timely, innovative and effective procurement support for all customers; and (2) training and mentoring military procurement specialists to create accomplished, independent thinking professionals for expeditionary environments.


Vision Statement

The MCIEAST-MCB Contracting Office will provide the Operating Forces and tenant commands with the highest quality of contracting support to meet present and anticipated future and expeditionary warfare requirements.


Guiding Principles

• We will conduct all business in a manner that is above reproach, with complete impartiality and with no preferential treatment, except as authorized by statute.

• We will maintain impeccable standards of conduct. Integrity in all aspects of our business actions is paramount.

• We will make all acquisition decisions, in compliance with statute and regulation, to not only achieve mission accomplishment but also to maintain the public trust.

• We will promote positive leadership and instill the highest moral and ethical values.

• We will encourage teamwork and open and honest communication.

• We will empower people to take the initiative by assigning authority and responsibility to the lowest possible level.

• We will be responsive to our customers’ needs and strive to meet their expectations.

• We will work diligently and conscientiously to support our Marines.




Regional Contracting Office Operating Procedures


In an effort to maintain the protection of all personnel, the Department of Contracting has implemented control measures in an effort to increase social distancing and help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. If you would like to speak or visit someone about a contract or PR, please call prior to visiting. 

PR Builder: If you have questions about PR Builder or PR Builder training, please contact Mr. Harold W. Gray at 910 451-5520.

 Government Commercial Purchase Card: If you need to find out how to get a GCPC, please call Mr. Outlaw at 910-451-5933. We will work on a case-by-case situation if it is an emergency. If you already have active cardholders in your unit please utilize them. The Department of Contracting will continue to be open during normal working hours. 

For any other assistance, please contact Mr. Lloyd Williams at 910-451-6641.



DBIDS Deadline March 31.pdf


Fiscal Year PR Closeout Guidance