Marine Corps Installations East
This is the color version of the MCIEAST command seal.

Mission Statement

To contribute to Marine Corps war fighting excellence by: (1) providing timely, innovative and effective procurement support for all customers; and (2) training and mentoring military procurement specialists to create accomplished, independent thinking professionals for expeditionary environments.



The MCIEAST-MCB Contracting Office will provide the Operating Forces and tenant commands with the highest quality of contracting support to meet present and anticipated future and expeditionary warfare requirements.

Guiding Principles

• We will conduct all business in a manner that is above reproach, with complete impartiality and with no preferential treatment, except as authorized by statute.

• We will maintain impeccable standards of conduct. Integrity in all aspects of our business actions is paramount.

• We will make all acquisition decisions, in compliance with statute and regulation, to not only achieve mission accomplishment but also to maintain the public trust.

• We will promote positive leadership and instill the highest moral and ethical values.

• We will encourage teamwork and open and honest communication.

• We will empower people to take the initiative by assigning authority and responsibility to the lowest possible level.

• We will be responsive to our customers’ needs and strive to meet their expectations.

• We will work diligently and conscientiously to support our Marines.


Important Notices

Customers with a DoD CAC account can visit our SharePoint site for additional information: