Civil Law



The mission of Regional Civil Law Office - East (RCLO-E) is to provide timely, efficient, and appropriate legal advice and assistance to the Region's Staff Judge Advocates and commanders to promote the readiness of the force and contribute to Marine Corps mission accomplishment.



RCLO-E provides legal advice and assistance to the Region's Staff Judge Advocates in the areas of administrative law, employment law, constitutional law, ethics, and claims for and against the government.


RCLO-E also researches legal issues and drafts responses for post-government employment questions, civil processing applications, fundraising and solicitation, issuance and acceptance of gifts, and other issues relating to installation management. 



Staff Judge Advocates from the Eastern Region may contact the RCLO-E by phone or email.


Ethics Resources

  • Ethics Counselor Deskbook


  • Joint Ethics Regulation


  • Joint Travel Regulation


Claims Against the Government

RCLO-E facilitates claims against the Government pursuant to the Military Claims Act, Personnel Claims Act, and Federal Torts Claims Act by educating Marines about the claims process and reviewing claims packages.  NOTE: RCLO-E does not make the final determination regarding the validity of claims and claims should not be sent to RCLO-E for processing. For questions regarding claims contact Administrative Support via email:


Civil Process

The RCLO-E also supervises the Civil Process Section which effects liaison with civil authorities in order to provide efficient arrest and service of civil process upon military personnel, military dependents living aboard the installation, and DoD employees located aboard the installation. The Civil Process Section also responds to subpoenas for official government information and assists in the extradition of service members. 


For questions regarding civil process contact Ms. Golda Sherman-Burns, the MCB Camp Lejeune Civil Process Officer, at (910) 451-5043 or via email at


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