Victim Witness Assistance  (MCO 5800.14)


Information for Victims, Witnesses, and Trial Counsels


Victim & Witness Assistance Procedures

(910) 451-7465; DSN: 751


Procedures and Required Documents for Confinement

**Must have all required uniform items and Health and Comfort Items

For Post-Trial Prisoners:

-Original Confinement Order (DD 2707 (2013 Version)) Complete with a certified examination by a Medical Officer, Nurse Practitioner, or Physician’s Assistant (not an Independent Duty Corpsman (IDC) or corpsman).

-Original Victim/Witness Certification and Election (DD 2704 (2013 Version))

-Results of Trial or DD Form 2329 – Record of Trial (Summary Court Martial)

-Pre-Trial Agreement – Parts I and II

-Charge Sheet

-Medical and Dental Records

For Pre-Trial Prisoners:

-Original Confinement Order (DD 2707 (2013 Version)) Complete with a certified examination by a Medical Officer, Nurse Practitioner, or Physician’s Assistant (not an Independent Duty Corpsman (IDC) or corpsman).

-Medical and Dental Records

-Military Protective Order (if Applicable)

For Females:

-Pre- and post-trial paperwork remain the same for female confinements.

Authorized Facilities

Confinement of females in the MCIEAST Regional Brig is not authorized.

Parent commands must ensure coordination with CMC (PSL) for the notification of a female confinement to ensure proper reimbursement for the daily cost of confinement in a civilian facility.

The following facilities must be contacted in the order listed to determine if space is available.

Onslow County Jail, Jacksonville, NC

Telephone Number – Jail:  (910) 937-1470

Sheriff’s Office:         (910) 455-3113

Approximate Distance:  5 miles

New Hanover County Jail, Wilmington, NC

Telephone Number – Jail:  (910) 798-4161

Sheriff’s Office:         (910) 798-4161

Approximate Distance:  45 miles

Craven County Jail, New Bern, NC

Telephone Number – Jail:  (252) 636-6619

Sheriff’s Office:         (252) 636-6620

Approximate Distance:  35 miles

In the case of pre-trial confinement involving a female service member, the necessary documentation must be presented to the Initial Review Officer (IRO) in the same manner as male service members.  In most cases, the hearing location will be the MCIEAST Regional Brig, but may be re‑designated by the IRO.

A confinement physical, to include a pregnancy test, must be conducted prior to confinement of a female service member.

Liaison must be made with the confining facility prior to confinement to determine authorized clothing, health, and comfort items for confinement.  Commanders are responsible for providing transportation and escorts for confined female service members to and from a civilian facility.

Command and legal visitation will be accomplished in the same manner as prescribed for male service members, and is subject to the confining facility’s regulations.

A Naval Message report must be submitted to CMC (PSL) and upon confinement and release of a female service member from a civilian facility.  The officer directing the confinement or release of female service members to/from a civilian facility must ensure such report is submitted within 24-hours of the action.

The message reporting confinement will contain the following information:

-          Name, grade, and SSN.

-          Date confined.

-          Reason for confinement.

-          Length of sentence, if applicable.

-          Number of days credit for pre-trial confinement and/or judicial credit.

-          Name, telephone number, location of the confinement facility and a POC at the confinement facility.

-          Daily cost of confinement.

-          Projected release date.

-          Name and telephone number of POC at confining command.

The appropriate Staff Judge Advocate’s Office must be notified in writing within 24-hours of female service members being placed in pre‑trial confinement.

All female confinements must first be brought to the MCIEAST Regional Brig so staff can ensure certain administrative procedures are accomplished.  These procedures are internal to the MCIEAST Regional Brig and are directed by Headquarter Marine Corps.  MCIEAST Regional Brig staff will create and maintain a confinement record on each female confined.  The confining command is required to provide the Brig Administrative Section with copies of various documents pertaining to confined females, as well as keeping the Brig Administrative Section informed at all times of the current status of the individual.

In addition to military confinement procedures and documents, the following must be obtained by the confining command: 

        UPON RELEASE – The command must first come to the MCIEAST Regional Brig and pick-up Release Order signed by the Brig CO. 

         Visiting Officer Forms – The command is required to deliver command visitation forms to the MCIEAST Regional Brig on a weekly basis to ensure they are filed in the individual’s official record, which is held at the MCIEAST Regional Brig.

 Any additional confinement documentation obtained from the civilian confinement facility will be provided to the MCIEAST Regional Brig Administrative Section. 


Office of the Staff Judge Advocate

Marine Corps Installations East


Phone Number

Legal Chief

(910) 451-2545

Legal Administrative Officer

(910) 451-7080

Legal Assistance

(910) 451-7085

Legal Assistance - Information Line

(910) 451-1903


·         The Initial Review Hearing is held weekly at the MCIEAST Regional Brig on Mondays and Thursdays.

·         The Initial Review paperwork and Initial Review Hearing is calculated from calendar days not working days.

o   The 72 hour letter must be received within 3 calendar days.

o   The IRO Hearing is held within 7 calendar days.

Marine Corps Installations East