Procurement Administrative Lead Time

Procurement Lead Action Time ( PALT )

The Procurement Administrative Lead Time (PALT) measures the number of days procurement takes from acceptance of a complete purchase request by the RCO to the day of award. The PALT times below depicts general lead times for commercial acquisition buys and may be used as a guideline for workload planning by the Contracting Officer and the customer. This does not include delivery or lead time required by the contractor to deliver or execute the contract. ​

Total Acquisition Value Supplies Services*
$10K - $250K 30 days 60 days
$250K - $7M 120 days 150 days

$7M - $10M

​190 days** ​240 days**
​$10M - $50M ​270 days** ​290 days**
​>$50M ​365 days** ​365 days**


*Extra time is required for services due to: additional required regulatory documentation; the time required for contractors to prepare their quotes/proposals; and performing technical and past performance evaluations, cost/price analysis, and offeror responsibility determinations.

**Requirements in excess of $10M require additional review periods and approvals from higher headquarters prior to solicitation release and prior to award.

Services above $250K require SRRB approval from either MEF, MARFOR or MCIEAST. G4 and G8 are integral to the process.
It is critical for everyone requesting or planning a procurement to understand PALT in order to manage expectations and ensure success.