About the Unit Energy Manager Program

The Unit Energy Manager (UEM) Program will lay the foundation for the implementation and adoption of an Energy Ethos throughout the Marine Corps. Through the program, one Marine or civilian in each tenant unit or organization on every installation will be appointed as the point of contact for energy issues to their unit leadership and fellow Marines. The UEM Program will provide Operational Commanders with greater visibility of resources, and assist the Marine Corps in spreading a culture of conservation across our installations.


Ensure a cost effective, reliable source of energy.

  • Ensure a secure and reliable energy supply to support the Operating Forces and their families through the prudent management of energy resources and infrastructure.
  • Achieve requirements mandated by Congress and the President to promote the efficient use of energy and water, increase the use of renewable energy sources, and reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil.
  • Reduce the lifecycle operating costs of Marine Corps facilities and manage future commodity price volatility

Download the MCIEAST Energy and Water Strategy


The Energy Ethos is the shared vision that the efficient use of energy resources is a critical component of mission readiness. This vision supports the Marine Corps mission by ensuring energy resiliency, reducing facility operating costs, and fostering a culture of efficient energy usage throughout the Corps.