The Consolidated Legal Assistance Office (CLAO) is staffed with judge advocates, Federal civilian counsel, and support personnel from the Office of the SJA, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and the Legal Service Support Section, 2d MLG.

CLAO provides a wide range of legal assistance services concerning civil legal matters to eligible personnel (active duty military personnel, retirees, and their respective dependents) in accordance with the Manual of the Judge Advocate General of the Navy and supplemental implementing regulations of the Navy and Marine Corps.

The CLAO Officer in Charge maintains liaison with relevent North Carolina agencies, such as the North Carolina State Bar Committee on Legal Assistance for Military Personnel, the North Carolina Department of Insurance, and the Consumer Protection Division of the North Carolina Attorney General.

CLAO also provides notary public services and assistance concerning immigration and naturalization. Services available from the CLAO are provided as resources allow and generally include assistance with the following: pre-deployment legal preparedness, estate planning, family law, consumer protection, debtor-creditor problems, and landlord-tenant problems.

Through various means, CLAO provides information to the public with a view towards consumer education and prevention of victimization. CLAO prepares cases alleging a pattern or practice of harmful business for review and appropriate action by the Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board.

The CLAO OIC oversees the operation of the Base Tax Center, which provides tax return preparation and electronic filing services free of charge to eligible clients.