1. FORMAL COMPLAINT. Anyone receiving a formal complaint must forward the complaint to the Equal Opportunity Advisor (MADADMIN 438/15). There are several avenues to used to seek formal redress. The most effective avenue to use will depend on the circumstance surrounding the situation and personnel involved. Selection of the avenue to use will be decided by the complaint.

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 a. Request Mast. To seek assistance from or communicate grievances to a Commanding Officer or to the individuals Commanding General. The request mast will normally be conducted within one working day, but no later than three working days, after the initial submission. MCO 1700.23F, Request Mast, provides specific guidance for Request Mast procedures.

b. Article 138, UCMJ Complaint. An individual who alleges wrong (s) committed by their Commanding Officer may file a formal complaint under Article 138, UCMJ. Commanders should consult with the Staff Judge Advocate (SJA) when processing a complaint under Article 138.

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c. Article 1150, Redress of Wrong (s) Committed by a Superior. An individual may also file a complaint against any other superior, in rank or command, who the individual believes committed a wrongdoing (U.S. Navy Regulations, Article 1150). Commanders should consult with the SJA when processing a complaint under Article 1150.

d. Communication with the Inspector General. As an alternative to the normal chain of command, military or civilian personnel may lodge complaints and provide facts to the local Command Inspector. Complaints may be lodged with representatives of the Deputy Navy Inspector General or to representative of the Deputy Naval Inspector General for Marine Corps Matters/Inspector General of the Marine Corps (DNIGMC), DSN 224-1348/49 or commercial (703) 614-1348/49, concerning violations of laws, rules, and regulations; abuse of authority; or misconduct. Marine Corps Installations East Command IG is DSN 750-6700 or commercial (910) 450-6700.

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e. Individual Communication with Congress. Individuals may write a personal letter to members of Congress at any time concerning EO issues.

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2. It is the responsibility of the Commanding Officer of the alleged offender to conduct a thorough investigation and take appropriate action. It is the responsibility of the command in which the complaint was received to ensure a Discrimination and Sexual Harassment (DASH) report it initiated.

<<<<<<<<<COMPLAINT TIME LINES>>>>>>>>>>

3. The following established timelines will be adhered to when conducting investigations into formal allegations of discrimination or sexual harassment in accordance with MCO P5354.1D w/ch1:

 a. All formal complaints should be filed within 60 days of the alleged incident occurring by the person making the allegation.

 b. Within 3 working days or 72 hours of a Commander receiving a formal complaint or notification of a formal complaint, the command must: appoint an investigating officer (IO) in writing, inform the complainant an investigation has commenced and notify the next higher in the chain of command with General Court Martial Convening Authority that an investigation has commenced.

 c. Within 14 calendar days of commencing the investigation, the IO will have his or her investigation complete, to include a Staff Judge Advocates Review and an Equal Opportunity Advisors review. If the investigation and required reviews are not completed within 14 days, the command will submit a written request for extension from the Commanding General with GCMA.

 d. The commander has 6 days upon completion of the investigation and review to forward a finally written report containing the result of the investigation, as well as any actions taken, to the next superior officer in the chain of command with GCMA. The report will include a statement from the complaint that indicated their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the resolution. Within 20 calendar days of commencing the investigation, the complaint must be resolved. Resolution includes completion of the investigation, determination of validity of the charges (substantiated or unsubstantiated). Throughout the investigation, updates (feedback) will be provided to the complainant every 14 days.

 e. On day 20 (since the complaint was lodged), an initial Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Report (DASH) will be sent to CMC (MPE) via the commands Equal Opportunity Advisor.

 f. Only one extension (maximum of 30 days) is allowed and must be approved by the unit's immediate Commanding General. This authority will not be abdicated.

 g. Upon final resolution of the complaint, a complete DASH Report must be submitted to the CMC (MPE) with the case disposition/resolution via the commands EOA.

 Complaint Procedures Reference: MCO P5354.1D w/ch 1 Pages: 5-3 through 5-8

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