Commanders are encouraged to include the principles of equal opportunit in SNCO and officer professional military education sessions. Only by such action will the importance of equal opportunity and how it strengthens our leadership abilities be fully understood. Such training should stress to Marines how to build and maintain professional working relations and how fairness and unbiased actions are part of our Core Values.

Commanders Training: Commanders (company through regimental/group level) are encourage to attend a 3-day Commanders EO training course.

Senior Enlisted Training: Senior Enlisted (MGySgt/SgtMaj/MSgt/1stSgt) is designed to stress upon Senior Enlisted how EO issues impact unit cohesion, mission accomplishment, and combat readiness. Senior Enlisted may also consider attending a one week Senior Enlisted Workshop at DEOMI, however the same 3-day EO training is available at the local level by command EOAs.

Progressive EO training commensurate with rank will enable Marines in supervisory position to recognize and resolve possible discriminatory and sexual harassment practices at the lowest level. The progressive levels of training are: Command Sponsored Corporal Course, Sergeants Course, Career Course, Advance Course