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Safety Bulletin Board (required for MCIEAST Commands)

Organizations have the unique opportunity to promote employee awareness of occupational safety and health matters through traditional information channels.  Using safety bulletin boards throughout the work environment allows managers and leaders to promote a positive safety culture by communicating the safety policies, goals, objectives, standards, and safety performance to their employees.  Per MCIEAST-MCB CAMLEJ Order 5100.2, Chapt 11, Commanders and Department Heads shall ensure that a safety bulletin board is established and maintained in every department, unit, or workplace with eight or more employees.

The following links are provided to assist organizations in developing and maintaining a safety bulletin board.

1. Encl 1 - Safety Bulletin Board Example
2. CMC Safety and Force Preservation Policy
3. Example: Current BN/SQDN Commander Safety Policy
4. OSHA 3165-02 Job Safety and Health Poster
5. NAVMC Form 11401 Report of Unsafe/Unhealthful Working Conditions (See also "Mishap Reporting" Page)
6. CG Policy Letter 07-14 Participation in VPP
7. CG Policy Letter 08-14 OSH Rights and Responsibilities
8. CG Policy Letter 10-14 Motorcycle Mentorship Program
9. VPP Management and Labor Commitment Statement
10. DOL Form CA-10 What a Federal Employee Should Do When Injured at Work 
11. DD Form 2272 DOD OSH Program 
12.a. (How-To) OSHA 300A Summary of Injury and Illness 
12.b (Actual) MCB Camp Lejeune CY17 OSHA Form 300A Summary of Injury and Illness
13. Union Letter - VPP Agreement
14. Example - Safety Council Minutes
15. Example - Industrial Hygiene Survey


"SEMPER SAFE" is a periodic publication on various safety topics that you can use to increase awareness for yourself, your Marines and Sailors, and others to ensure their safety.

SS 15-09

Heat Stress 
SS 15-08 Boating Safety
SS 15-07  Motorcycle Safety
SS 15-06  Alcohol Awareness 
SS 15-05  Distracted Driving 
SS 15-04  Playground Safety 
SS 15-03  Pedestrians, Bicycles, Headphones
SS 15-02  Texting While Driving
SS 15-01  Slips, Trips, Falls (Winter Ice)
SS 14-18 Portable Space Heaters
SS 14-17 Halloween Safety 
SS 14-16  Mold and Mildew Prevention
SS 14-15 Hunting Aboard Camp Lejeune
SS 14-14 Pedestrians and Bicycles
SS 14-13 ATV and Dirtbike Safety
SS 14-12 Heat Stress
SS 14-11 Inspections and Electrical Safety 
SS 14-10 Rip Current Safety
SS 14-09 Negligent Discharge
SS 14-08 Pets and Children Left in Cars
SS 14-07 Barbeque Grill Safety
SS 14-06  Motorcycle Track Day (ARTD)
SS 14-05  Electronic Cigarettes 
SS 14-04  Aggressive Driving
SS 14-03  Lockout/Tagout
SS 14-02  Mishap Reporting 
SS 14-01  Catfish Lake Rd - Limited Access 
SS 13-23 Suzuki, Harley-Davidson Recalls
SS 13-22  Destructive Weather/Hurricane
SS 13-21  Back-To-School
SS 13-20  Drug Drop Box
SS 13-19  Impaired Driving
SS 13-18 Christmas Holiday Safety
SS 13-17  Thanksgiving Safety
SS 13-15 Halloween Safety
SS 13-12 Watercraft Safety
SS 13-11  Lockout/Tagout
SS 13-10 Swimming Pool Safety
SS 13-08 Springtime Safety
SS 13-07 Designated Driver
SS 13-05  Back Safety
SS 13-04 Hazardous Materials Awareness
SS 13-03  Supplements and Energy Drinks
SS 13-02 Slips, Trips and Falls
SS 13-01  Driving Thru Smoke or Fog