The mission of the Victims' Legal Counsel Organization is to provide legal advise, legal counseling, and representation to victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and other qualifying offenses punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), while ensuring that victims' rights are protected at all stages of the investigation and throughout the military justice process.



The Regional Victims' Legal Counsel located in Jacksonville, North Carolina (Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune), will ultimately determine which eligible clients the Victims' Legal Counsel at Legal Services Support Team Parris Island (VLC) is detailed to represent.  Generally, the VLC's area of responsibility includes"  MCAS Beaufort (South Carolina), MCRD Parris Island (South Carolina), Eastern Recruiting Region (South Carolina), MCLB Albany (Georgia), MATSG 21/23 onboard NAS Pensacola (Florida), Marine Corps Detachment NAS Pensacola (Florida), Marine Corps Detachment Fort Gordon (Georgia), and the Marine Corps Detachment Fort Benning (Georgia).


VLC: Captain T. Camden Shealy, USMC

VLC Paralegal: Mrs. Stephanie Dix


Phone numbers: 843-228-4801/3581